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Autism Program Reviews, Aspergers Program Reviews

I just wanted to take a few moments to let you all know how thankful I am for you!

My goal when I originally enrolled him at Haugland was to eventually “mainstream” him back into the local school district. But, with help from every single one of you, this process happened so much faster than I imagined it would.

When juju started there February of 2015 he was pretty much nonverbal. It is now June 2018 and he talks nonstop! He’s hilarious, has complete conversations, cracks jokes, makes friends easily... all of these things that the doctors told me would most likely be impossible for him to do. They told me not to get my hopes up, that it would take a miracle. Well, you guys were that miracle he needed.

Because of you, my son has surpassed so many obstacles. Because of you, I was able to celebrate something new he had learned every single day after school. Because of you, I got to see his excitement for learning. Because of you, my son is ready to go Dublin city schools to be in a general classroom. Because of you, Julien is ready.

I cannot thank you all enough for what you’ve done for my son. For how much you’ve helped him grow and learn. For finding what works best for him to progress and be successful. For bending over backwards for him and making him feel special and loved (for example after his grandma passed away and he had a hard time going into class and Laura made sure she was at the front bc he would only go back with her).

Enrolling him in Haugland is the best decision I’ve ever made. We are going to miss you all. You’re the reason he has come so far!!
Paige Miller Parent
We are so happy that we found a place that Ian is happy and feels accepted. Best choice I could have made for him.
Mary Heskett Parent
I knew I had found the right place for him"
My 14 year old son has been an outreach client [home-based program] of Haugland's for over 3 years now. When we started, he was aggressive, threw tantrums almost 8-9 times a day and had very little receptive or verbal language. Since that time, with Mrs. Huber's guidance, we have seen our son grow and blossom into a wonderful child full of possibilities we never dreamed he could be.

While this program is not for everyone, I will let you know the work is not easy, but its rewards are amazing. I am a former teacher and a mother of two boys (one is 17 and the other 14). Even at our son's age, she was able to turn him around, undo years of incorrect behaviors, and make him what he is today.

Haugland is a wonderful place for children and parents alike. I would go as far as to say this...take this as an opportunity to give your child a full life. And more importantly, give you a life too. We as parents are so stressed and have demands placed on us that no one can imagine. Haugland helps ease those tensions and gives you somewhere to turn when you have nowhere else to go. They are as important to me as they are to my son. "
Kristy French Parent
I am the mother of a 12 yo autistic boy who attends Haugland Learning Center. He has been a student there for the past five years and I can not stress enough the positive impact the staff at Haugland Learning Center has had on my sons social, educational and behavioral development.

Dealing with the public school system ...was an unintentional abusive situation for our child. With out proper education and training, special needs children are neglected, ignored and unchallenged in order to maintain a "normal" environment to allow proper learning for the "typical" population of students.

This is not the case at Haugland Learning Center. Prior to Haugland Learning Center, my husband and I where getting calls, 2-3 times a day ... to come and calm our son down. We experienced an agitated child upon returning home as well as daily melt downs.

After being introduced to Haugland Learning Center, we no longer get calls from school and our meltdowns are limited to 1 every 2 months.

They have a well trained staff who is able ... to promote adequate reinforcements that is needed daily/hourly/minutes with most special needs children.

Haugland Learning Center also works on a positive reward system where most schools off of a negative system. At Haugland Learning Center, a disruption is used to teach correct behaviors.

Once this is corrected points are earned for good behavior that can then be used in the reward store or game time in their game room.

The staff are very forgiving and do not take offence to disruptive behaviors. It is part of our life and a part of theirs. I am very thankful that they use these incidents to reinforce correct behaviors with my child.

As for the education that is offered, my son is in the 6th grade and has tested in high school and college level course work.

They allow students to advance at their own pace and do not limit them to their assigned grade levels which can be very frustrating for some students. I could go on, but the importance of this communication is to acknowledge that special needs children need an environment that promotes growth, acceptance, and understanding.

Haugland Learning Center provides this and more"
Traci Tate Parent
His conversation capability and his kindness quotient have gone thru the roof. He can handle disappointments at home like everyone else does now and today he wanted me to look something up online and no joke he said 'I appreciate you taking the time to do that'.

WHAT??? It is amazing how a couple weeks (with all the snow days, teacher days, and holidays, it has only been a couple weeks) has totally built his confidence and made him the 10 year old we all knew he could be.

I am so grateful and thankful for Haugland!! Thank you for all you do. Every day.
Cathy Hart Parent
We have been extremely pleased with the services Haugland has provided for our family-administratively and 1:1 for Gabriel as well as support for the family.

Sam & Shannon have been wonderful and continue to help Gabe grow (even though it is hard for him.) Alex and Hillary have been great working with him and our family this summer.

I just thought I'd take this time to say thank you to everyone, the amount of stress that has been lifted from me is amazing and has helped me to 'just be the mom' --- which is huge.
Kim Turner Parent
Michael loves Haugland. He usually tells me his class is awesome or his day was awesome! He actually tells me the names of his fellow students. His sentences are getting a little bit longer and a little more complex!

I saw him interacting with other students on the playground today. It nearly made me cry to see him wanting to interact with other students and the students accepting him and wanting to interact back with him.

I loved seeing one of the teachers that was out there promote this interaction. Michael usually isolates himself. I thought he had given up on social interaction due to his speech difficulties and teasing he has endured on the playgrounds and at parks.

I am breathing a contended sigh of relief. I am so thankful that Haugland exists!
Meredith Healy Parent
I am so blessed to have people like you [Dr.Devlin] and Carol and Sam and Dr. H in our lives. Thank God for you and for the work that you do on behalf of our kids.
Kelli Cobb Parent
This past year my son transitioned back into the public school system after being at Haugland for two years.

The public school district provided him with an aide that kept him organized, but this accommodation is being phased out for next year because of the progress he's made.

I'm telling you we couldn't have got this far without Haugland Learning Center.

The two years at Haugland gave him the opportunity to adjust and to figure out how to overcome. He tested into the public school at grade level and he's able to keep up. He wasn't missing any skills necessary to perform well with the curriculum.

This past year he made friends; he stayed out of trouble. I tell everyone about Haugland Learning Center. We consider ourselves part of the Haugland family and always will.
Deb Clinkscale Parent
Since coming to Haugland, Kody has made great progress...Haugland is perfect for Kody.
Britt Wheeler Parent
I got an accurate daily report sent home each day and Mr. Kopp was very good at keeping me in the loop as to Tim's successes and areas that needed improvement.

He was also very available to me if I had questions. I would return comments on the daily report, email or call him and he was always happy to hear from me and very interested in resolving any issues or trying any ideas that I offered to help Tim perform better.

He seemed to always be there and was always available to speak with me even way after school had let out for the day. He even went the extra mile on several occasions.

Tim had been ill and not in school and he missed a holiday party. Mr. Kopp stopped at our house and gave Tim his treat bag so that he got to enjoy it when he felt better. That is a caring teacher and it shows that he really thought of his student. He is a kind person and a very caring teacher. Jim and I observed Mr. Kopp teaching Tim one day from the hallway. Tim did not know we were there and Mr. Kopp was working with him on some math problems.

He really made Tim think and figure out the problem without giving him too much help. He realized that Tim is a very capable boy that is easily distracted but that he knows how to do his work. He challenged Tim and made him work for his rewards.

I am sorry to see him go to the Sandusky location but I am happy for the students that will have him as their teacher.
Lori Williamson Parent
He has not been this happy about school since he was 5!!! Thank you both so much, you both made us feel more comfortable than we have ever felt leaving him at school.

I know a lot of people have said you mean you drive 5 - 5 1/2 hours a day taking him to school ( as if I am literally insane!!), but it is more than worth it seeing how wonderful everyone is with him.
Wendy Fout Parent
He is a completely different child. He has come so far just this year while attending Haugland.

His social interaction and carrying on a conversation is remarkable. He is learning so much academically and I couldn’t be more proud of him. His out bursts and frustration levels have improved so much over the school year.

He is just an unbelievable little boy and it is all due to the work of everyone at Haugland. Thanks so much for everything you do!!!
Mary Jones Parent
Thanks to all of you. He was afraid to look. First time I have seen him smile after getting his report card.
Patricia Jones Parent
I cannot not say enough about how much of a difference that this school has made in our lives.

The passion & devotion to constantly continuing to find ways to better educate & understand Autistic children goes above & beyond any of my expectations!

The experiences with public school were so frustrating & disappointing & I had low expectations of my son getting through school successfully. Haugland has given me & my son complete peace of mind, along with high hopes for his future.

I cannot say Thank You enough for changing our lives for the better!!! Thank you for your dedication to making Autism better understood & improving the lives of these special children!
Tess Hook Parent
What you guys do, you do so well. I can’t tell you how life-changing it was for us to find you when we did.

You took us in when we were raw and hurt, and didn’t know where to go. It is incredibly difficult to watch your child struggle and be powerless to help them. One of your strengths is that your staff does not take things personally. I was so on edge with the previous school, and I always felt like he was judged.

At Haugland you state “this is a behavior; this is how we extinguish it.” It was never personal, and that is a real blessing to a family. We also liked the extra programs you offer. We did the Hiking Viking which was great. You celebrate everyone’s uniqueness.

The Talent Show is a great example of that. When we were at the Talent Show, you could see that your staff genuinely care about the students and their accomplishments. The talent didn't matter; you could be playing a sonata on the piano, or jumping rope to a rap song; each child's contribution was celebrated equally.

It comes from the top down in your organization; you truly care about each student.
Kay Born Parent
Thanks for all the positive things that you guys do for the kids and young adults at Haugland. I was able to visit students there this past week.

I was able to observe the PLAN program and the ASPIRE program and it was great to see them in an environment that fits both their academic and behavioral needs.

I think it provides a unique environment and is able to provide the extra support that some students need to achieve their full potential!
Supporter A Support and Service Administrator with a local area County Board of DD
This summer I planned to read a book with Robert, work on his multiplication facts, and help him learn cursive writing.

Robert amazed me by reading the novel I purchased him with no difficulty. He even wanted to move faster and finish the book by the end of the day. My plan was it would take all summer and I slowed him down. But by the end of the week he read the book out loud to me. So I purchased him another which he read even more quickly.

He was able to go through and learn and write the cursive letters in two days. He would have done it the first day if I had realized he was capable of doing it.

Robert's attention span, his ability to focus, and do written work has improved dramatically. I can only attribute that to the instruction at Haugland. Robert was never able to sit still long enough to complete any work before.
Robert Markham Parent
...on a scale of 1-10, a “14”. It is hard for us to leave [family moving because of job transfer]. The progress Marcus made here has been phenomenal. I’m eternally grateful to Haugland...we would return in a minute.
Susan Cravener Parent
I am so is always sad for me when one of our students either choose to leave Marysville Schools, or we recommend a placement at Haugland.

However, I am so very pleased with the education and care our students receive with all of you. It has been my pleasure to be able to share with parents the success of our kids, the professionalism of your staff, and the opportunity for our kids to be successful in a school environment.

I am so very thankful for Haugland Schools and will continue to sing your praises when asked about how our kids do while attending Haugland.
Ellen F. Traucht Director of Student Services (Retired), Marysville E.V. Schools
Our Scholarship Provider, who is Haugland Learning Center, has been wonderful... it has been a pleasure working with them and we are pleased with all they have done for us.

We are hoping for a long and successful relationship in the future as well. I highly recommend this Provider to any families affected by ASD. They truly care about what our ASD children need to be more successful in life.
Joyce Evans Thacker Parent
Brendan has progressed so much at Haugland, it is amazing. For years, he was told he was the bad kid or distruptive kid.

You have proven that he is smart and creative and worth teaching...[and] valued for who he is. Thank you.
Lisa Fry Parent
I would like to thank everyone at Haugland Learning Center. My son Eithan is a totally different person since he started going to your school!

His behavior is 100 % better than I would have ever thought it would be. This time last year he was in pre-school with the local school district and I was banging my head up against the wall wondering what was next for him and whether he would ever get any better.

I saw an article in the local paper about Dr. Haugland opening a school in our area and started looking into the possibility for my son. I decided I had to do something different for Eithan but I was very scared to make a change like this for my little boy. Was I making the right choice ? Would this be a big set back for him ? I am SOOOO glad I took that chance.

Today we can go out in public without him having total meltdowns and he is very well behaved. When I opened my email with his 1st quarter grade report, I sat at the computer and cried for 10 minutes thinking, "This cannot be Eithan's report card." You and your staff in Sandusky are MY angels...

I can NEVER thank you enough for giving me the little boy I have been waiting for the past 5 years. I am so looking forward to many more happy and wonderful years here at Haugland Learning Center! Thank you so very much.
Lisa Welsh-McLane Parent
I’m grateful to Haugland Learning Center for giving the special attention to each individual child to meet their needs and doing their best to understand each child in spite of many differences. I witnessed the public school system try so hard to make each child understand them instead of the other way around.

I now have a son who is a role model to other students on the autism spectrum. I have an athletic child with many talents, a caring young man who once thought his life had no meaning, now understands he can be who he wants to be. He made such great strides since he entered Haugland Learning Center last year.

Being able to attend their summer camp last year helped his progression continue. Not everyday is a perfect day, and some are harder then others, but I thank autism awareness and Haugland Learning Center for that smile he now wakes up with and the ambition he now has to do his best.
Stephanie Clark Parent
What my son has accomplished in one year both academically and socially is nothing short of a miracle.

Truly God knows when we are at the end of our rope. He was behind in every subject and now he is current and loves to do schoolwork. He plays with kids at school and at home which he never used to do unless it was him chasing and trying to scare kids.

He independently does homework, whereas before, he would only do work if I sat beside him, preventing me from taking care of my own household responsibilities. He talks about teachers being fair and discipline being reasonable. I had never heard this kind of talk from him before.

The way the school works with the family to create the best educational experience for the child is a godsend, particularly in light of the special needs of each child and the knowledge that the family has.

Since coming to Haugland, I have such high hopes for his educational future and I did not feel this way before. I am certain that he will graduate high school and go on to college thanks to Haugland Learning Center.
Clarressa Thompson-Kane Parent