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Asperger's Summer Camp in Columbus

Asperger's Summer Camp in Columbus.
Students in the program often make several months gains in just a few weeks.

Asperger's Summer Camp in Columbus Overview

Our four-week Asperger's Summer Camp in Columbus is designed to help students make quick academic gains in areas of highest need. For current students using the Autism Scholarship, the camp is included in the annual tuition cost.

Students in the camp are placed in small groups. Teachers use the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis to deliver effective instruction, create sufficient practice opportunities, and manage behavior in the classroom. Additionally, our Autism summer camp provides instruction and practice with social skills, personal care skills, and leisure activities like swimming, art, and music.

Students in the program often make several months gains in just four weeks. Our Asperger's summer camp can accommodate students who require extended school year services, students who have fallen slightly behind, and students whose organization skills need to be refined for optimal classroom participation and performance.  

Asperger's summer camp Columbus.

Educational Aspects

Precision Teaching (PT) - developed by Ogden Lindsley - is one of the most important components of the Asperger's Summer Camp.

More commonly referred to as "Fluency" by our students, PT is a highly structured system which pinpoints various skills that students practice until they achieve fluent rates.

After students have acquired various skills, they are practiced through Precision Teaching until students meet criteria that predicts accurate and functional performance of the skill in applied settings.

During PT activities, teachers utilize a tool called the Standard Celeration Chart (SCC) which is a semi-logarithmic scaled chart that is standard and universal.  


The SCC delivers a graphical display of student data that is consistent and immune to manipulation and allows camp staff and students to predict performance.

The Asperger's Summer Camp in Columbus also offers high school elective courses, including ACT/SAT preparation. High school students who participate in the program may be eligible to earn high school credit.  

Asperger's summer camp Columbus.
Teachers who regularly receive coaching demonstrate higher rates of skill retention and application.

Teacher Coaches

A unique element of the Asperger's Summer Camp Columbus is its usage of teacher coaches.

Empirical studies show that teachers who regularly receive coaching demonstrate higher rates of skill retention and application. Instructors are coached one to five times per week.  

Asperger's summer camp Columbus.

Some examples of areas where coaches work with teachers are:

  •  Making instructional processes more efficient
  •  Making instructional delivery more effective
  •  Making good instructional decisions
  •  Managing and teaching classroom behaviors

Enrollment Information

Current Haugland students/clients* and students planning to enroll for the following school year are eligible to attend.

* Students/clients are defined as: students enrolled in one of Haugland’s center-based or home-based programs or clients receiving mental health services, respite.